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3 Things You Need to Know About the Presentation Guide (New!)

  • By Morris Thai
  • December 3rd, 2015 5:53 pm


Here are 3 things you need to know about the Presentation Guide:

1.  What is it?
2.  Where is it?
3.  How can I use it?

1.  What is it?

The Presentation Guide is our response to a high number of requests for a printable version of the HTML5 Presentations.

In the Presentation Guide, you’ll find the following:
1. U
p to 3 slides per page
Screenshots of all of the slides in the lesson, with accompanying slide numbers
Teacher Notes (if any) displayed to the right of their corresponding slides


2.  Where is it?

The Presentation Guide is available for any lesson with HTML5 Presentations,. At the moment, this includes all 6 of the K-5 Bring Science Alive! programs and all 6 of the revised K-5 Social Studies Alive! programs (2016 copyrights).

Within your teacher subscription, you can download a lesson’s Presentation Guide in  two places:

1. The Presentations Page
On the Presentations page, you can download the file by clicking on the Print button next to the Full Screen Mode button.


2. The Materials Page
On the Materials page, you can usually find the file near the top of the list of print Materials available.


3. How can I use it?

There are multiple ways the Presentation Guide can be used. Here are 3 common use cases we’ve heard from teachers.

1. Offline Preparation
On the train, at home without internet, or simply in between classes, the Presentation Guide is a great way to prepare for a lesson without relying solely on the online version.

Teachers have described the Presentation Guide as a valuable tool to use as a companion to the online version, as they can write their own notes alongside TCI’s Teacher Notes.

2. In-Class Presentation Guide
A simple, valuable use for the Presentation Guide is in the classroom. Sometimes it may be difficult to present slides without knowing what’s next.

3. Teacher Collaboration
In any situation where you are working with other teachers to instruct your class, it can be difficult and a bit frustrating to not have a proper handoff of your notes and where you left off. Whether it is preparing a substitute teacher or day-to-day collaboration with other teachers, you can be confident that you’re all on the same page with an annotated  Presentation Guide.

We look forward to how you use your creativity to take our tools to the next level and fit them to your unique situations. Please share how you love using the Presentation Guide on our
Facebook page or on Twitter (@TeachTCI).



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