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Infographic: The Flipped Classroom

How many of you are in schools that are currently flipping or entertaining moving towards a flipped model?  What have been the benefits and drawbacks? Created by Knewton and Column Five Media  

Friday Funnies: Periodically Disturbing

How do most students stay up-to-date on current events? You guessed it…social media. While there are many good things about social media, like any other tool…it has it’s place. If used to search out reliable sources…great. If it is THE source…uh oh.

Friday Funnies: Snow Day is No Holiday

To be clear…I’ve never met 3 kids like Felix, Josh, and Paul. Perhaps though, they just might be so excited to be in a class using TCI materials that they can’t stand the thought of missing out just one day. We can dream. Till then, try us out for free for 30-days HERE!

Friday Funnies: Lazy Mayan

Don’t worry…you’ll have time after 12/21 to come back and do the lesson on the Mayan Sacred Round. Just do a 30-day trial of our Medieval World program! http://teachtci.com/trial and check it out!

Friday Funnies: (Special Thanksgiving edition) Wild Turkey

From all of us at TCI, Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday Funnies: Nature’s Primary Source

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and recorded webinars here and here on primary sources all this month!

Friday Funnies: Primary Source Tyrant

Having students use and find primary sources is a great exercise. See http://bit.ly/GGA4TB to get some practical tips on using them in class.

Friday Funnies: Scary New Start

What does your school do to help the transition into a new school for a student?  How welcome and inviting is your student body and staff?  Good questions to think about.  Comment and share your thoughts with us!

Friday Funnies: Picture This

It’s said that pictures are worth a thousand words. In every TCI program, we include lessons that build around powerful visuals. We call this type of lesson a Visual Discovery.  Learn more about this and other powerful lessons at http://teachtci.com.

Friday Funnies: Bubble Failure

There is a place for multiple choice assessments, but when we place too high a premium on the ability to guess correctly, are we really creating deep thinkers? See how a company of teachers and by teachers makes lessons and assessments that inspire, engage, and create deep thinkers! Visit us at http://teachtci.com.

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