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The Great Homework Debate

Pardon my split personality disorder in this post as you may hear my social studies consultant voice and my parenting voice as well. Not that the responses or comments should differ, however…   I was a bit bothered recently as I checked over my daughter’s homework assignments for correctness and questioned her for understanding (the […]

Looking for a Good Read?

While I am the history teacher in the household, I’m proud to say my husband, Steve Smith, definitely could step into that role with ease.  Given his recent excitement following completion of Brad Meltzer’s political thriller, The Inner Circle, we thought it would be fun to include his review here for our fellow history buffs.  […]

How Do You Encourage Financial Fitness in Secondary Students?

As is the case with most all subjects, education regarding financial literacy certainly does and should begin in the home.  As parents we set examples for our children as they grow with every financial decision they witness.  Everything from purchases on the credit card, decisions to save or “pay yourself first” and whether or not […]

Back to School Bulletin Boards

Most of us try very hard to make our home appear inviting to guests.  Shouldn’t we strive for the same in our classrooms?  As the school year begins, I want to challenge each of you to think of new and creative ways to make your classroom more inviting to students.  We all know that it […]

Small Tokens of Great Appreciation

After the cold gray winter months have passed, sunny days and blooming flowers are reminders that yet another school year is nearing its end.  It’s a time of great excitement for students both young and old as they look forward to graduations, promotions, and summer breaks.  It’s the time of year when teachers could use […]

Keys to Assessment Success Can be Found in the Home!

Teachers are always looking for new and creative ways to get more involvement from the parents of their current students.  Often times we think of involvement as simply participation or support around field trips, class parties, or looking through their notebook or folder and checking their homework for completion.  If you are like me and […]

Creative Collaboration in the 21st Century Classroom

 When students at Calloway County High School in Western Kentucky sign up for an elective course taught by John Williams, they likely focus on the course description and take a guess as to what they might be learning during the semester.  I doubt very seriously that their best guess would include Medieval trebuchets or educational […]

Back to School Night Best Practices

This is the first in a two-part article about back to school night. I’m presenting a teacher’s perspective and Traci will respond with a parent’s perspective. We hope you get some good ideas and share your own best practices. As students are returning to school this week and next, many parents are gearing up to […]

Scheduling Preferences…To Block or Not to Block!

Whether you are a new teacher or a seasoned veteran, you have likely already participated in or at least overheard a discussion about scheduling.  During my tenure as a middle school teacher, I taught on a traditional schedule and also a block schedule.  I must admit that block scheduling is my preference, but I had […]

Easing Those Back to School Woes

As a teacher I know all about the various learning styles, multiple intelligences, etc.  As a parent, I am having to do my research to determine which parenting style best suits me and my family…and I think I am different depending on the season! Depending on your location in the country, you may or may not […]

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