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Inside TCI: Myth Debunkers

The TCI Interns strike again. They’ve produced another video giving viewers a peek inside the TCI office in Mountain View. Many of our TCI staffers that have been with us for 5 or 10 years are excellent ping pong players (all the practice they have gotten over the years). We just didn’t want to show […]

Gabriel Redig, TCI’s Renaissance Man

He’s an artist, a physicist, a chemist, and a student of the natural world. He’s a man who sees beauty in the abstract realms of science, math and logic. Is this Leonardo DaVinci, you might ask? No! I’m talking about Gabriel Redig, 21st century Renaissance man extraordinaire and TCI software developer. Gabriel has been hard […]

A Thematic Approach to World History

One of the chief complaints about history is that there is too much memorization of boring facts and dates. But let me tell you a secret: I graduated from college with a degree in European history without ever purposefully memorizing a single date. In my mind, dates didn’t seem very meaningful, so I just cavalierly […]

Amazing Teacher Resource: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog

When looking back on history, I am often overwhelmed by the countless people and lives that have completely disappeared into time. Who were these people? They were most assuredly just as real as we are. They had loves, and hates, and passions just like ours. But where are they now? Through studying history, it is […]

Using Primary Sources to Promote Deeper Understanding of History

“Those people were just crazy!” When students first learn about the rise of fascism in Europe, especially the Nazi regime, the question many ask is, “How could this possibly have happened?” The natural reaction of many students to the horrors of fascism is to try to explain them away as something that could never happen […]

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