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Is the TCI Office Haunted?

TCIers discuss the rumors and experiences they’ve had with “The Phantom of the Office.” What do you think? Is our office haunted? Any tips on what we should do? Keep the phantom or try to get rid of it?  

John Kelly: TCI’s Man of Mystery

In the far corner of TCI’s office is a desk.  At this desk, sits a bespectacled blonde man. His name is John Kelly. What do we know about him? Not much. Unlike his more loquacious coworkers, a shroud of mystery surrounds the mild-mannered software engineer. Where did he go to school? What does he like […]

Meet TCI’s Krystle Chappell

Do you ever wonder who churns out questions for our Reading Challenges? Who spends hours scrutinizing our texts to make sure they are in tip-top shape? Who scours for striking images that illustrate our lessons? Meet Krystle Chappell, an editorial talent. Since November 2011, Krystle has been lending her editing and writing skills to TCI. […]

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