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Buying Curriculum…Like Buying a House?

Imagine you are house hunting. You are looking at one neighborhood with two houses on the market. The pricing is virtually the same. But the houses are very different. House #1 is custom built to your needs and ready to move in. House #2 is older with promise of remodeling the house to meet your […]

Trouble Signing In?

Yesterday our corporate website, www.teachtci.com, was unavailable from 4:30-6:30pm Pacific. This made it difficult for some students to find our “Student Sign In” button so they could sign in and do their homework. Our sincerest apologies. If this ever happens again there are a couple things students can do…because the subscriptions themselves were never down. […]

Give us a call at 916-366-3686

Our phones are under maintenance right now. The best number to call us today is 916-366-3686.

We’re Back: Subscriptions and Website

1/21/14 Update: Here are more details about yesterday’s outage. Yesterday our site was under a Denial of Service attack.That means bad guys were trying to take down our site. The attackers pointed a massive amount of traffic at our site, causing everything to slow to a crawl. We’d like to make sure you know that […]

Teacher Subscription Updates: Releasing December 23rd

On December 23rd we’ll be releasing new features to your Teacher Subscription.  Plan on subscriptions being unavailable from 11 am-2 pm Pacific while we work our magic. We are making it easier to: 1. See what your students see 2. Use subscriptions on a tablet 3. Switch between lessons from anywhere Watch our 2 minute […]

Subscription Outage

  I want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by our subscription outage today. We know how important a reliable online curriculum is to you and your students.   Why It Happened We had more subscription users sign in at one time, than we anticipated. Simply put, we didn’t have enough servers.   When […]

9/3/2013: Subscriptions Are Down

    Oh no! This never happens–but our subscriptions are down.   We’ve been experiencing intermittent problems with our servers. If you want to be notified when our subscriptions are back up, please enter your email address on this form and we’ll let you know ASAP. Today teachers and students will not be able to […]

Getting Started with your TCI Teacher Subscription

We’ve put together this highly visual step-by-step guide for setting up and using your TCI Teacher Subscription. Open up the PDF to download the guide.

Student Subscription Scavenger Hunt

August is here and it’s officially Back to School season. To help you get your students up and running in their TCI Student Subscriptions, we’ve created 3 customizable Student Subscription Scavenger Hunts. (One for elementary, middle school, and high school). We created them in PPT so you can use as-is or edit them and make […]

Your TCI Subscription: June 30 Reset

On June 30, TCI will reset your subscription and classes. You don’t have to do a thing to start the school year fresh! Here is what will happen: -Your students will be removed from your classes and their Reading Challenge results deleted. -The number of Student Subscription available to you for the new school year […]

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