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Wall of Screens: Are Computer Screens Getting In The Way of Real 21st Century Learning?

Imagine that you are about to teach a dynamic lesson on the rise of Ancient Sumarian City-States to a group of 6th graders. Your lesson will ask students to think like Ancient Sumarians and respond to a series of geographic challenges that pose life threatening situations for them. The students will work in small groups […]

Digital Texts: What Will Students Demand?

  I recently came across a parody video on YouTube (What Teens Think on Tech: Video) that a handful of high schools students made in which they cleverly tell teachers and publishers what they think about print and digital textbooks. The video starts off with a frustrated student sitting in the school library reading his U.S. […]

Classroom Technology: Have You Considered Cell Phones?

  Do you allow you students to carry cell phones to class? Do you incorporate the use of cell phones into your daily teaching practice? If you answered no you may be missing out on some relatively cheap and easy ways to engage students through the use of technology and the internet. As technology develops […]

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