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The Paperless Classroom

Can’t you just see that spotless desk gleaming in the corner of your classroom? Nothing but your laptop and maybe a few “World’s Best Teacher” mementos? Okay, so we can’t promise you a paperless classroom overnight, but we hope you’ll discover a dramatic decrease in paper use in your classroom with the introduction of Applying […]

So Long Flash, Welcome HTML5

Flash, you served us well, delivering Reading Challenges for the past several years, but it’s time to bring a new partner into the world of TCI Subscriptions.  Coming this summer, we’re welcoming HTML5. What does this mean for you?   1)    Full iPad compatibility for Student Subscriptions. Reading Challenges, text tools, and all other student features […]

Digital Textbooks That are Truly Interactive

What makes a digital textbook interactive?  We think it’s more than a fun game or a flashy (not Flash!) banner.  It’s text that is accessible to students. It’s purposeful game-like challenges.  It’s opportunities to demonstrate knowledge.  Because we believe all of these ideas, we’re spending this spring improving our Student Subscriptions to bring students further […]

Why Apple’s Announcement Is Good for Schools

Everyone’s talking about Apple’s recent announcement that they want to play in the textbook sandbox. Apple released three free pieces of software and launched iBooks 2 all with the end goal of having kids read content on an iPad or Apple device instead of from a print textbook. When I say everyone’s talking about it, […]

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