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It’s That Time of Year Again: June 30th Reset

On June 30th of every year, TCI resets your Teacher and Student Subscriptions so you can start the new school year fresh!     Here’s what will happen: -Student accounts will be removed and their scores deleted. -The number of Student Subscriptions available to you for the new school year will be reset to reflect […]

TCI Employee Profile: Michael Hall

  This month for our TCI Employee Profile, we met with our one and only Junior Systems Administrator :Michael Hall! What does Michael’s role at TCI entail? Read on to find out!   What is your role here at TCI? I am a Junior Systems Administrator.  My primary responsibility is making sure all of the […]

Free TCI Lesson: Memorial Day

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? In this activity, Teachers help students uncover how the holiday is celebrated, and research the conflicts in history that Americans commemorate on the last Monday of May each year. After gathering information, the class will then build a timeline of these events together, and consider the importance of this national […]

TCI Employee Profile: Ray Oto

    This month for our TCI Employee Profile, we sat down with our Product Support and Community Specialist: Ray Oto. How did he hear about TCI and what are the key responsibilities of his role here? Read more to find out!     What is your role here at TCI? My official title is […]

Cinco de Mayo Scavenger Hunt

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Today, many in the United States use this occasion to honor Mexican contributions to our country. For this activity, students are challenged to look for three examples of Mexican tradition and heritage within their own […]

Teacher Highlight!

  If you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed that we retweet a lot of pictures of student work in action. Many of these pictures are from the classroom of Denise Yassine at the Congressional School in Virginia. We are always happy to see her updates, and we reached out to ask her […]

TCI Employee Interview Double Feature: Ari Stein and Rebecca Ou

  If you have ever used any of our Bring Science Alive! programs, you are probably familiar with Ari and Rebecca who model the investigations in our demonstration videos. But did you know that they play key roles in creating these programs? Read further to discover the true extent of what they do to help […]

What is the biggest April Fools joke of all time?

  That is up to your students to decide in this free lesson from TCI. Students will break up into small groups to learn about the backgrounds of different April Fools’ jokes in history and quickly present their findings to the class. The class then debates how to best rank their pranks against all the […]

Teacher Highlight!

We love hearing about TCI in action! This past December, Wisconsin teacher Katie David was featured in an article about the implementation of TCI’s Pursuing American Ideals Program. We were so impressed, we asked Katie to tell us more. What initially drew you to TCI? What jumped out at you about the program that was […]

St. Patrick’s Day Lesson

Looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day lesson? TCI is bringing back our St. Patrick’s Day Skill Builder, which provides the opportunity for students to learn about the man who gave the holiday his name by utilizing QR Codes to seek out information about his life. If you have any questions about using the QR […]

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