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Bringing Primary and Secondary Sources Alive for your Students

If you are a social studies teacher than you work with an array of historical documents throughout your curriculum.  The challenge is getting your students to first critically analyze these primary and secondary sources, then gather and apply the evidence to support their opinion or conclusions.  Well, TCI to the rescue!  We’ve hosted two webinars […]

Three Easy Steps to Curriculum Planning

Download: TCI Curriculum and Unit Development Guide It’s August and you are facing an entire year of lesson planning for your social studies course.  Daunting?  Let me share with you three key curricular planning steps for success.  One:  It’s essential that you correlate your content to your standards.  You can then plan a realistic course […]

Why aren’t we putting computers in the hands of students?

We ran across a video on the web. It’s intriguing to see what kids can do with a computer, a problem, and collaboration.  It’s fascinating to see what the internet has done for instruction and where it can go in less developed part of the globe (including America!). Also, note the inclusion of the 21st Century skills of analysis, synthesis, […]

Aspire Public Schools

Suzy Allione, today’s contributor, is a consultant for TCI and has hellped the Bay Area Aspire schools implement TCI. Public schools are certainly in the media spotlight recently with a cover story in Time magazine, the release of the film Waiting for “Superman,” and an Oprah episode devoted to outstanding charter schools. We were tickled […]

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