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Schedule Mayhem

As teachers, we deal with so many obstacles in our daily grind that it would be impossible to list them all.  But of all of the obstacles I encounter, the most annoying would be constant or unpredictable schedule changes. As high school teachers, we live and die by the daily regiment of set bell schedules.  […]

Keeping Up with Interactive Student Notebooks

I’m always looking to be more efficient so I can be the most effective with my students, especially since I teach in a huge public high school where 165 students sit before me each day.  Streamlining things like taking attendance more quickly, getting students into cooperative groups faster, making activity transitions more smooth are just […]

The Name Game: How Do You Remember 165 Student Names?

Please join us in welcoming another guest blogger, Steve Innamarato.  A TCI Teacher Consultant, former moderator of our Classroom Technology discussion group, and all around tech guru, Steve will be sharing his perspective on teaching high school students in an urban district. I’ve been teaching for about 15 years now in one of the most […]

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