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Free TCI Lesson: Veteran’s Day

This is one of our favorite lessons for many reasons. It’s especially poignant as we approach Veteran’s Day.   Although the lesson is from our History Alive! Pursuing American Ideals program and centers around the Vietnam War, we think it’s appropriate for both middle and high school students. In order to tie the activity to […]

TCI Lesson for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing this free lesson that challenges students to uncover the identity of some famous women throughout U.S. history. Students work in small groups identifying individuals and analyzing their impact on Americans. This lesson is also a great way to bring primary sources into class.   Women's History Lesson […]

Shackleton, Endurance and Reindeer Sleeping Bags

Let me say this up front: I am an avid reader of fiction. Non-fiction, not so much. I prefer the prose and storylines of novels over biographies or (gasp) historical accounts. A big “however” though. However, when non-fiction is good, it’s pretty darn great. Seabiscuit by Laura Hildenbrand, Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder or […]

Enhanced Features in TCI Subscriptions

At 5pm on Tuesday, January 29 we are releasing improvements to features in our Teacher and Student Subscriptions. Here is what’s coming in the release: For Students –Improved notes: Students will immediately see their saved notes at the top of the text. No need to click “Add Note” if they already have one. –Maps zoom: […]

Common Core: Helping Student Identify Text Structure

Common Core Helping Students Master Text Structure – We recently offered a webinar on text structure and how it can help you meet Common Core standards. It was so well received that we wanted to share the information and handout with everyone.   Our fearless leader, Julie Monetta, explained that there are six types of […]

Student Subscription Scavenger Hunts

The idea of creating a scavenger hunt that students can use to familiarize themselves with their Student Subscriptions was suggested at a recent back-to-school webinar. We thought it was a super idea. We created an elementary, middle, and high school version that you can use as is or modify to your heart’s content. Elementary Scavenger […]

TCI Subscriptions: Send messages to students coming in July

We are oh-so-excited about a new feature coming to our subscriptions in July: Message Students. This much-requested feature allows teachers to send messages to students (messages go to an entire class) that they read in their Student Subscriptions. It’s a one-way broadcast from teacher to students. We imagine teachers will use the Message Students feature […]

Fall Conferences: Meet us in Seattle or Orlando or Columbus

Around here, we love fall. The crisp air, football tailgaters, and stunning colors really float our boats. Most of all, however, we love conferences. Put us in a windowless, cement-floored exhibit hall or turn us loose with a group of teachers in a meeting room, and we’re in heaven. We love rubbing elbows with other […]

Glossary: Coming Soon to Student Subscriptions

Among the many fantastic updates coming to Student Subscription in July is the addition of a glossary in all programs. Students using our History Alive! The Ancient World program can look up words like dynasty, democracy and dharma…and that’s just in the Ds! Of course, we’ve kept the in-line definitions in the student text.   […]

Visual Discovery: How It Works and Where to Find (Free) Images

The Visual Discovery strategy is my favorite for a number of reasons. One is that I love the images in all TCI programs. Of course, we have staff members whose job it is to find those wonderful images, so I also love that there are many, many places teachers can go to find their own […]

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