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The Interactive Student Notebook

The interactive student notebook (ISN) has been around since the 1970s.  Like all great ideas, it is timeless.  Since ISNs are the heart of how students respond to TCI lessons, we have lots of tools that we use to teach how to create great notebooks in digital or print.  These tools may be webinars, a free lesson […]

Great Tech Tools for Teachers

We’ve updated our list of great free technology sites and apps. Teachers don’t have to use technology to have powerful classrooms, but they can sure help! See how this guide, by the makers of History Alive, can create a spark of thought for educators just easing into using web 2.0 and mobile technology in their […]

APPetite for Instruction: Fall 2012

This was the PPT used on 9/26/2012 for our webinar on web and device apps you can use inside your class.  See an online magnifying glass used to highlight great photos on Fotopedia.  See a great discussion starter app for iOS, Android, and Fire devices called Show of Hands.  We also look at such apps […]

Geography Alive! Enrichment Activity with Absolute Location

Our CEO and founder, Dr. Bert Bower, has put on his mad scientist (err geographer) hat on to create a wonderful and engaging enrichment activity to extend students undestanding of absolute location.  This activity sports rich use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) as students study and use latitude, longitude, degree confluences, and theme maps to research […]

Creating Rich Discussions

This was a companion to the discussions webinar on 10/19/2011.  In this four page handout we spell out the five design criteria needed for rich discussions.  On the second page teachers will find a sample list of “rules” for civil discussion that can be distributed or posted during classroom discussions.  We introduce two additional spin-offs […]

The ISN: Consumables vs. 3Rings/Spirals/Composition Books

Dawn Smith and I had a chance to talk about what type of notebooks we like as teachers.  Hear 0ur coffee talk on whether consumables or having students create their own interactive student notebooks (ISN) is the better way to go.  The best part is, there is no one answer.  TCI gives you the tools […]

TCI and Technology: Endless Possibilities for Student Engagement

About 25 years ago, my friend Bob predicted the e-book reader. One day we were having a spirited discussion about the future of books. Bob, a sales representative for a high-tech company, posited that the printed book would someday be available in electronic form. Coming from the perspective of an editor who had always developed […]

The Oscars for Social Studies

The votes are in and ready to be read.  By virtue of the 36 people that voted in this poll….I give you the best of Social Studies Films all-time. 1. Best US History Film, Glory 2. Best World History Film, Ghandi 3. Best Film that Inspires Study of Geography, Lawrence of Arabia 4. Best Econ […]

World Cultures Alive! Help us create a great lesson

Calling all world cultures teachers! TCI is developing World Cultures Alive! a tech-only program for middle school and we need your help. The old way we did things was to have a few teachers pilot lessons for us. All of the amazing technology at our disposal, however, allows us to gather feedback from teachers nationwide […]

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