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Winter Olympic Activity

Looking for a Winter Olympic activity? This is just for you then! Download the activity directions for yourself, use the provided links on the document, and get your students invested not only in the sport, but in learning about the world.


Winter Olympic Activity

We’re Back: Subscriptions and Website

girl at desk

1/21/14 Update: Here are more details about yesterday’s outage. Yesterday our site was under a Denial of Service attack.That means bad guys were trying to take down our site. The attackers pointed a massive amount of traffic at our site, causing everything to slow to a crawl. We’d like to make sure you know that no data was compromised in any way. To resolve the issue, we have fine-tuned our firewall so that they cannot attack this way again.

1/20/14 Update: Our subscriptions and website are now back. We will continue to monitor the situation and will update this blog post when we know more information about why this happened and steps to help prevent this in the future.

In the meantime: a huge thanks to employees who had planned to have the day off for MLK but instead came in to make sure all teachers and students can have access before school resumes again tomorrow.

You can access subscriptions here:

TCI Symbaloo Webmix

Symbaloo has long been a favorite site of mine.  I love that users can aggregate the sites they most frequent.  Think of this as a visual bookmarking site that you can share and change over time.  Whether it’s our blog, our Facebook page, our Edmodo TCI User group, or Twitter….we examine many tools that can add to the great TCI programs you use in your classrooms.  Here is a Symbaloo webmix of some of those sites.


2014 State of the Union Activity

Many social studies teachers ask their students to watch the State of the Union address. It is an important civic function that, unfortunately, many do not exercise. TCI would like to encourage students to become active listeners during President Obama’s speech to the nation on Tuesday, January 28th, 2014. To help, teachers can use this activity sheet.  Download and print for your students before this Tuesday.


2014 State of the Union by

Dreams Progress: MLK Day Lesson

In this free lesson from TCI, students watch/listen to Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and answer questions. In a Social Studies Skill Builder, students are assigned an excerpt from the speech. Pairs work together to find an image to showcase that depicts progress (or lack of) towards that dream. Pairs then travel to see all the excerpts and images created. In a whole class debrief using a human spectrum, students evaluate the total level of progress. Individually, students then create a photo collage which brings to life one of the excerpts.

MLK Day Lesson by TCI

Free TCI Lesson: Creating iMovie Trailers

In November I discovered the embedded video below which was  produced and created by middle school US History students.  This was created using only an iPad and the iMovie app.  I started playing around with iMovie and have fallen in love.  It’s super easy to put together a great looking movie trailer using their templates, which this teacher used.  One of the things I did not find, however, was the procedures the teacher used to get his/her class to complete the assignment.  There are plenty of YouTube tutorials (that one’s about 4 minutes long) on how to create a trailer, which is great but let’s be serious…kids don’t read instruction manuals.  They play and figure things out.  The lesson though, that’s something that you would have to create in all that free time you have (note: heavy sarcasm) So, in true TCI fashion….I have created a free lesson (see below the video) that you can use with students to create iMovie trailers!  Enjoy!


iMovie LG

Teacher Subscription Updates: Releasing December 23rd

On December 23rd we’ll be releasing new features to your Teacher Subscription.  Plan on subscriptions being unavailable from 11 am-2 pm Pacific while we work our magic.

We are making it easier to:
1. See what your students see

2. Use subscriptions on a tablet

3. Switch between lessons from anywhere

Watch our 2 minute video to see what’s coming on December 23rd.


December 2013 Teacher Updates from TCI on Vimeo.

Black Friday Financial Literacy Lesson

Would you like to take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday as a way to get your students to be financially literate? Use this two-day lesson with students to explore comparison shopping and credit card use. Groups of students prepare for a fictional news conference where they release resources both in print and digital formats to assist consumers to be savvy shoppers.  This lesson incorporates the Econ Alive! The Power to Choose and the Applying Economics activities geared to financial literacy standards.  If you like what you see, explore more with a 30-day trial of the program.


Free TCI Lesson: Veteran’s Day

Uncle SamThis is one of our favorite lessons for many reasons. It’s especially poignant as we approach Veteran’s Day.


Although the lesson is from our History Alive! Pursuing American Ideals program and centers around the Vietnam War, we think it’s appropriate for both middle and high school students. In order to tie the activity to Veteran’s Day, use the preview of the lesson only. In the preview, students “visit” the Vietnam Memorial. It’s really a whole lesson in itself and is a powerful way for students to connect with the upcoming Veteran’s Day holiday.

Great Tech Tools for Teachers

We’ve updated our list of great free technology sites and apps. Teachers don’t have to use technology to have powerful classrooms, but they can sure help! See how this guide, by the makers of History Alive, can create a spark of thought for educators just easing into using web 2.0 and mobile technology in their classrooms. One concrete idea is provided for each web site/app. You can learn more about how to create engaging classroom moments with TCI’s award-winning software by visiting us at

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