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Setting Up Your Roster for the New Semester

  • By Morris Thai
  • January 19th, 2016 11:25 am


So you’ve had some winter fun and it’s now time to start a new semester! But how do you start teaching when your classes aren’t set up? Worry not! In this article, I’ll provide a refresher on how to modify your classes and students, and I’ll also explain what happens when you remove them.

Modifying Your Classes

  • 1. Sign in to your subscription here:
  • 2. Next, there are two common ways to get to the My Classes/My Students page:
    • a. From your homepage, you can click on “Add/Edit My Classes”
    • b. From anywhere within the website, you can click on the Gear menu next to your name and select “My Students”BSAG1







  • 3. To add a class, click on the Add Class button.
  • 4. To remove a class, click on the “x” icon under Delete for the class you want to remove.BSAManage





Modifying Your Students

  • 1. On the My Classes/My Students page, click on “Add/Edit” under the Students column for the appropriate classroom.
  • 2. To add a student, click on the “Add Student” button.
    You’ll have 4 options:
  • BSAAdd a Student
    • a. Add New Student
      • i. To add a new student, you’ll need a last name, first initial, a username, and a password.
      • ii. You’ll need a unique username within your district. If you find that the desired username is taken, you may want to go to the next step to check whether the student already exists.
    • b. Batch Import Students
      • i. To batch import students, in which you use a CSV file to upload 1 or more students at the same time, you’ll need to follow the instructions on the page.
      • ii. The general steps are to download a standardized template, fill it out with the appropriate information, and upload it to the website
      • iii. Keep in mind that the more students you upload, the higher chance there is for data entry error. So remember to check your work.
    • c. Student Sign Up
      • iii. To remove a student, click on the “x” icon for the student you want to remove from the account.
    • d. Add Existing Student (Transfers)
      • i. To add an existing student, you’ll need to find the student either by last name, first initial, or username.
      • ii. Once you’ve found the correct student, click on the “Add/Transfer” button to transfer the student into your class.
      • iii. Keep in mind that if the student was already in a class for the same program, you’ll be taking him/her out of their existing classroom.
  • 3. To remove a student, click on the “x” icon for the student you want to remove from the account.


What Does It Mean to Remove a Class or Student?

  • a. Removing a Class
    • i. If it was the only class within your program, your program will be removed.
    • ii. All students in a removed class will also be removed from the program. See below what that means.
  • b. Removing a Student
    • i. Student subscriptions will be freed up
    • ii. Student work will still be available if they are re-added to a class within the same program. This includes:
      • 1. Reading Challenge answers
      • 2. Interactive Student Notebook answers
      • 3. Assessment answers


There you have it. Have a great new semester!



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