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Why Apple’s Announcement Is Good for Schools

Everyone’s talking about Apple’s recent announcement that they want to play in the textbook sandbox. Apple released three free pieces of software and launched iBooks 2 all with the end goal of having kids read content on an iPad or Apple device instead of from a print textbook. When I say everyone’s talking about it, […]

Today’s Toon: Can Siri help Cheat?

Tablet Buyer’s Recommendation 2011

A good definition of Disruptive Technology can be summed up as:  “A new technology that changes the current way of approaching a particular problem or issue.”  Using this definition, tablets certainly fit the bill.  From our earliest days of life, we are hard-wired as humans to reach out and touch what we want.  Tablets allow […]

The iPad as a Teaching Slate

Many teachers and schools are snapping up iPads, especially since the iPad2 has dropped the price of the 1st gen. How could you use the iPad in class as a teaching tool? Alive in Five shares a nifty app called Splashtop ($4.99) from the iTunes store that allows you to use your iPad as a […]

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