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Exciting Methods for Formative Assessment

This quick 20-minute webinar focuses on strategies and ideas for using formative assessment during all phases of the lesson cycle.  Scroll down for the presentation used, with embedded live links.  

Interactive Student Notebook: Top Tips

Nothing generates more discussion and questions than the Interactive Student Notebook. Teachers are eager for tips on how to grade them and have a life, how to create engaging assignments, and how to manage them. Here are our top tips that we shared in our webinar, The Best Ideas for Managing and Evaluating the Interactive […]

Social Studies in the News

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   Last night NBC news shined a light on an issue that all of us in the social studies world are concerned with–our students ability to understand and retain key historical information. The news report focused on results from the social studies NAEP which […]

Keys to Assessment Success Can be Found in the Home!

Teachers are always looking for new and creative ways to get more involvement from the parents of their current students.  Often times we think of involvement as simply participation or support around field trips, class parties, or looking through their notebook or folder and checking their homework for completion.  If you are like me and […]

Keeping Up with Interactive Student Notebooks

I’m always looking to be more efficient so I can be the most effective with my students, especially since I teach in a huge public high school where 165 students sit before me each day.  Streamlining things like taking attendance more quickly, getting students into cooperative groups faster, making activity transitions more smooth are just […]

What is 21st Century Education?

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Scheduling Preferences…To Block or Not to Block!

Whether you are a new teacher or a seasoned veteran, you have likely already participated in or at least overheard a discussion about scheduling.  During my tenure as a middle school teacher, I taught on a traditional schedule and also a block schedule.  I must admit that block scheduling is my preference, but I had […]

Using Response Groups to Foster Critical Thinking

The key to assessing students’ ability to think critically is to carefully scaffold instruction. At TCI we have used Response Groups for over twenty years to set students up for success at critical thinking. We begin by placing students into groups of three and giving them a multiple intelligence prompt—it could be historical information, compelling […]

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