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Back to School Bulletin Boards

Most of us try very hard to make our home appear inviting to guests.  Shouldn’t we strive for the same in our classrooms?  As the school year begins, I want to challenge each of you to think of new and creative ways to make your classroom more inviting to students.  We all know that it […]

The Name Game: How Do You Remember 165 Student Names?

Please join us in welcoming another guest blogger, Steve Innamarato.  A TCI Teacher Consultant, former moderator of our Classroom Technology discussion group, and all around tech guru, Steve will be sharing his perspective on teaching high school students in an urban district. I’ve been teaching for about 15 years now in one of the most […]

Back to School Night Best Practices

This is the first in a two-part article about back to school night. I’m presenting a teacher’s perspective and Traci will respond with a parent’s perspective. We hope you get some good ideas and share your own best practices. As students are returning to school this week and next, many parents are gearing up to […]

TCI in the Three Student Classroom

 Becky Suthers has been a national trainer for TCI for seven years. She recently accepted a unique teaching job that was all the talk at the TCI Leadership Conference. At a time when most classrooms are exploding with students, Becky’s classroom has the opposite problem. She’ll be blogging for us regularly to gather your wisdom, […]

TeacherGenuis Training: Creating a Cooperative, Tolerant Classroom

Ever wonder why group work doesn’t always work? Or why students are reticent to share ideas during class discussion?   Often we expect students to magically have the interpersonal skills necessary for higher-level cooperative learning activities. But part of our job is to teach, model, and reinforce these skills so that students with various learning styles can […]

Easing Those Back to School Woes

As a teacher I know all about the various learning styles, multiple intelligences, etc.  As a parent, I am having to do my research to determine which parenting style best suits me and my family…and I think I am different depending on the season! Depending on your location in the country, you may or may not […]

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