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Starting the School Year Right: Lesson B

NOTE:  This lesson has been updated for 2014!  See the new lesson HERE This is the second of a multi-lesson unit to start the school year.  In this lesson, students learn the features of the Interactive Student Notebook by TCI.  Two more lessons will follow soon.  The remaining lessons will be on the topics of […]

Creating Passionate Debates and Fervent Dialogues

In our TCI webinar on this topic, we discovered that engaging students in debate or whole-class discussions involves a few steps and some rich resources. Here are the guidelines we shared: 1. Challenge students to discuss controversial and complex issues in small groups. 2. Create heterogeneous groups and a suitable classroom arrangement. 3. Prepare students […]

The Great Homework Debate

Pardon my split personality disorder in this post as you may hear my social studies consultant voice and my parenting voice as well. Not that the responses or comments should differ, however…   I was a bit bothered recently as I checked over my daughter’s homework assignments for correctness and questioned her for understanding (the […]

Friday Funnies: Class Clown

Yes, every year will have a trying student or two (or three)…but hands-on instruction like TCI lessons are the best way to keep these students engaged and on-task!

The Paperless Classroom

Can’t you just see that spotless desk gleaming in the corner of your classroom? Nothing but your laptop and maybe a few “World’s Best Teacher” mementos? Okay, so we can’t promise you a paperless classroom overnight, but we hope you’ll discover a dramatic decrease in paper use in your classroom with the introduction of Applying […]

Interactive Student Notebook: Top Tips

Nothing generates more discussion and questions than the Interactive Student Notebook. Teachers are eager for tips on how to grade them and have a life, how to create engaging assignments, and how to manage them. Here are our top tips that we shared in our webinar, The Best Ideas for Managing and Evaluating the Interactive […]

The Sights and Sounds of a TCI Classroom

Aaaaaaaaaa, so long July, hello August!  As a teacher, I have a love/hate relationship with August, but we must learn to work it out as we’re both here to stay. With that in mind, I happily begin thinking about how much I love my classroom.  It’s a place where my students thrive academically and socially.  […]

Schedule Mayhem

As teachers, we deal with so many obstacles in our daily grind that it would be impossible to list them all.  But of all of the obstacles I encounter, the most annoying would be constant or unpredictable schedule changes. As high school teachers, we live and die by the daily regiment of set bell schedules.  […]

Keeping Up with Interactive Student Notebooks

I’m always looking to be more efficient so I can be the most effective with my students, especially since I teach in a huge public high school where 165 students sit before me each day.  Streamlining things like taking attendance more quickly, getting students into cooperative groups faster, making activity transitions more smooth are just […]

Where is Social Media going next?

  Consider the launch dates for the most widely used social media sites in the past ten years.  We begin in 2001 with the launch of Wikipedia, which became a destination site for many students as they research topics.  Of course the challenges would come because of how posts can be edited by the audience […]

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