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Common Core & TCI: Writing for Understanding

As teachers uncover the Common Core standards, they will discover that a strong emphasis is placed on moving the students beyond the simple rote memory writing tasks.  Students are challenged to do something with the information they read and the content they study.  Students are challenged to become stronger writers as they react to content […]

Common Core & TCI: A Toolkit to Reading Readiness

College and career readiness plays a prominent role in the Common Core standards.  Examine the ELA Anchor Standards Grades 6-12  (p. 57 of pdf).  How can the content areas, such as social studies, support these ten anchor standards?  What resources can teachers put together to concentrate on the reading skills needed to uncover the rich […]

Common Core and TCI: Speaking & Listening with Response Groups

It is always gratifying to know that good teaching strategies are timeless.  What does change in education is that we sometimes put new names on things that people have been doing for a long time.  The public receives them as “new” but good teaching strategies are not new at all.  It’s with that in mind […]

Common Core: Helping Student Identify Text Structure

Common Core Helping Students Master Text Structure – We recently offered a webinar on text structure and how it can help you meet Common Core standards. It was so well received that we wanted to share the information and handout with everyone.   Our fearless leader, Julie Monetta, explained that there are six types of […]

Common Core: 2 Strategies You Can Use!

This was the PPT that we used for our webinar on 10-24-2012 on the topic of two strategies to reach Common Core standards. See more of what we do by visiting us at http://teachtci.com   Common core strategies from Brian Thomas

Common Core: Steal these tools!

A few weeks ago, I was searching for some information on the E-LA Common Core. One site immediately caught my attention because the first thing it said was, “Steal thee tools.” I took a look and found the information to be very helpful. The tools are put out by a non-profit called Student Achievement Partners. […]

Common Core, Social Studies, & You

Is your district planning and prepping for how you will integrate your social studies programs with the appropriate strands of the Common Core? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of districts across the country are currently doing the same thing.   If you are new to common core and how it relates to social […]

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