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TCI Symbaloo Webmix

Symbaloo has long been a favorite site of mine.  I love that users can aggregate the sites they most frequent.  Think of this as a visual bookmarking site that you can share and change over time.  Whether it’s our blog, our Facebook page, our Edmodo TCI User group, or Twitter….we examine many tools that can […]

Great Tech Tools for Teachers

We’ve updated our list of great free technology sites and apps. Teachers don’t have to use technology to have powerful classrooms, but they can sure help! See how this guide, by the makers of History Alive, can create a spark of thought for educators just easing into using web 2.0 and mobile technology in their […]

Introduction to Using QR Codes in Class

If you have seen QR Codes (Quick Response), then you know they are popping up everywhere. Their rise mirrors the widespread use of smart phones equipped with cameras. QR codes present a great opportunity for educators to use technology in a meaningful way. Here are two ways teachers can use QR codes with students along […]

Friday Funnies: A Class Full of “I.T.”

TCI Social Studies Classroom: 1 to 1 with iPads

Though mobile devices such as the iPad are becoming more ubiquitous, most schools still are struggling to find their way through the thicket of technology implementation.  Yesterday, I had the great opportunity of teaching a class of 1:1 High School AP Gov students at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Each student in Ms. […]

Tablet Buyer’s Recommendation 2011

A good definition of Disruptive Technology can be summed up as:  “A new technology that changes the current way of approaching a particular problem or issue.”  Using this definition, tablets certainly fit the bill.  From our earliest days of life, we are hard-wired as humans to reach out and touch what we want.  Tablets allow […]

Creating a Buyer’s Guide to Ed. Tools

Our focus on our blog, Facebook, and a webinar (11/16) for November is going to be financial literacy.  One of the things that we thought teachers and administrators might be interested in would be a buyer’s guide for education tools.  These guides could help when shopping for things like tablets, clickers, interactive white boards, or […]

Your TCI Subscription: Creating & Editing Assessment Using the TCI Question Bank

The ability to create custom assessments in TCI Subscriptions is a super popular feature. This two-minute video shows you how create an assessment with question bank questions from more than one lesson, how to edit questions and how to drag and drop. We think it’s quite cool and hope you do, too.

B.Y.O.T. – Benefits and Challenges

If you are in a school district that is using a BYOT (Bring Your Own Tech) policy with students, what are the benefits and challenges to it?  We’d love to hear the voice of the teacher crowd!  Use the Voicethread link below to add your voice to the conversation.

Updated: Guide to Free Web 2.0 Tools

We have updated and included more sites in our popular Starters Guide to Free Web 2.0 tools.  You can download the document by clicking the download button.  Please print and share with teachers you know.  For more great ideas, tips, and sites like these, visit TeacherGenius .  Don’t miss out on a chance to share your […]

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