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Presidential Primary Source: Jefferson, Burr, and the House (1801)

All this month at TCI, we will focus on primary source documents.  The first seven days of November will all be election related.  Our first selection goes to show that if the election of 2012 between President Obama and Governor Romney were to deadlock at 269 electoral votes and be thrown to the House of […]

The Education of the Presidents: eCollegeFinder Infographic

This great infographic was put together by http://ecollegefinder.com.  Share this with your civics or US History students as you continue to touch on the presidential election this year.  You can find more information at http://www.ecollegefinder.org.

Election 2012: Campaign Activities

Election day is rapidly approaching.  Nominating conventions are complete.  Now it’s up to the voters to decide whether President Obama should be reelected or be replaced by Governor Romney.   TCI has created two campaign issue activities you can do with your students.  One activity is built around the words/statements of the campaigns.  The other […]

Race for the White House Game and Lesson

With this being an election year, it’d be a shame to pass up an opportunity to highten students awareness of how presidential elections are waged.  We have created a new game for you to play with your secondary students that we think you’ll love.  Everything y0u need to play the game including a lesson is […]

Buzz Word Bingo: Party Convention Edition

Get your students and their  family to join in as the Democrats and Republicans nominate their candidate for President of the United States! Print this sheet out and make a copy for each student to take home before each acceptance speech.  Use it as a civics assignment, homework, or just to get their geek on! […]

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