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How to Conduct a Mapping Lab

This 15 minute recorded webinar will show you how to conduct one of the seven mapping labs from Geography Alive! Regions and People.  Learn more about the middle school version HERE and the high school version HERE.  You can try this lab or any other lesson out free for 30 days at http://www.teachtci.com/try-tci/.  

Friday Funnies: Who Invited the Nerd!?

Have you ever felt like your instincts as a social studies teacher were viewed as weird by the public at-large?  It’s okay….you are not alone!  At TCI, everything we do is by teachers for teachers!  

Happy Hunger Games! Three Content Connections for Social Studies

Good teachers take advantage of hot books/movies  to make connections with their students all the time. One of the white-hot movies out right now (based on a best-selling series) is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. While some might wonder how to incorporate a fantasy book set in a post-apocalyptic North America, I’ve got three […]

Mapping Japan and the Rest of Monsoon Asia

In this Mapping Lab, students work in pairs to complete a series of geography challenges that spiral in difficulty. First they label a physical map and a political map of Monsoon Asia to learn about the region’s physical and human geography. Then, to answer questions about the region, students simulate the use of geographic information […]

Where in the world are you?

As I was reading an educational blog this morning, I saw this little widget on his blog that I thought was great.  This widget by RevolverMaps lets you see where visitors to your site are from on a rotating globe.  I thought it was novel and would be interesting for Geography teachers to put on […]

TCI Asked to Help Create Roadmap for Geography Education

TCI has been asked to participate in a new project funded by the National Science Foundation entitled “Establishing a Roadmap for Large-Scale Improvement of K-12 Education in Geographical Sciences.” I had the pleasure of recently meeting at the headquarters of National Geographic Society (NGS) in Washington D.C. with about fifty educators including teachers, district coordinators, […]

Egypt is in News: Do your kids know where it is?

Here is lesson seven from History Alive! The Ancient World and a geography challenge to conduct with students that will give them perspective on Egypt and the Near East.  Help your students understand where this place is that’s being mentioned daily in the news.  Take advantage of this teachable moment!  You can download everything you need […]

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