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Salem Witchcraft Activity – Dot Game

Salem dot game from Brian Thomas Are you a middle school or high school teacher that covers the Salem witchcraft trials?  If so, we have a great seasonal activity to try out with your students.  Following the idea from another TCI activity from the cold war era, we have adapted our popular Dot Game activity […]

Constitution Day Lesson

Constitution Day Lesson September 17th is Constitution Day. Celebrate the day with your upper elementary students by analyzing the preamble through song, a word cloud, and discussion. Students even write a letter to the editor using a newspaper clip tool via the web. This lesson was written by Brian Thomas and uses proven hands-on strategies […]

Gaming for Class Success: Beyond Jeopardy!

“Game” doesn’t have to be a bad word in classrooms. Well executed, purposeful games can be an active way for students to process information. Games can also help students retain and recall information because, if done thoughtfuly, they can engage several multiple intelligences. Here are 8 games that you can use in virtually any subject […]

American Revolution Capture the Flag: How Students Can “Just Get It”

Ryan Canton, an eighth-grade teacher in Minnesota, is today’s guest blogger. We “met” Ryan on Twitter (@theswish). We were intrigued by the hardiness of his students who braved a midwestern blustery fall day to go outside and play an unusual version of capture the flag…all in the name of learning history, of course. It’s no […]

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