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TCI Funny: A Teacher Summer

It feels true…doesn’t it!?  

Friday Funnies: 100 Days to Go

Ever feel like this? No worries! Only 100 or so more days to go for most of you!  

Friday Funnies: Old Teeth

One of the interesting facts about George Washington is that he did have dentures…but not wood. Ivory and Hippo bone. Students learn that and other interesting facts in a free lesson HERE.

The Best of TCI Friday Funnies

  Here is a selection of the best Friday Funnies of the his past year.  We hope that you enjoy them and continue to follow TCI on our blog, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! The Best of TCI’s Friday Funnies by Brian_ThomasTCI | Make your own at www.toondoo.com

Friday Funnies: Nature’s Primary Source

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and recorded webinars here and here on primary sources all this month!

Friday Funnies: Parts of Speech

There is no “off” switch for teachers. It’s in our blood to be curious, obtain knowledge, and pass it along.  That’s why it’s wonderful to work for a company of teachers, by teachers, and for teachers.

Weird Teachers

  I wonder sometimes what my students will remember about me when they are older.  Will I be a loud, balding, caring individual?  I just don’t know.  I can recall some of the teachers I have had.  One thing that all my favorite teachers had in common was that they were all weird.   Weird […]

ToonDoo – Teachers & Summer Break

By Brian_ThomasTCI | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your own Toon

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