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Alive in Five: Todaysmeet.com

It seems there is no end to web tools out there.  Most are like dandelions, they appear, look pretty, but are really weeds when you get into them.  They can eat into instructional time and take away from what should be meaningful in your class.  However, there are many web tools that are like giant […]

TCI at the Mile High Conference

As thousands of social studies teachers congregate in Denver for the 90th annual National Council for the Social Studies conference, TCI plans to make it’s biggest splash yet with our sessions showing off our latest creations and technology.  The excitement starts on Thursday and concludes Sunday morning.  Here’s a run-down of what you can expect […]

What is Good Teaching?

If you are currently an administrator, or envision yourself in that role some day, one of the tasks that will come to you will be evaluating the level of instruction taking place.  In Lakota, I was fortunate to work for three different building principals who were tremendous instructional leaders.  Messrs. Pike, Howard, and Taylor all care […]

TCI’s ALIVE in FIVE: Social Studies Skill Builders

Get a brief tutorial of the Social Studies Skill Builder strategy in this five-minute video.  Discover five steps to creating a path to marry content instruction to skill development.  You can even download a portion from our methods book to go deeper. Visit our Teacher Genius section on Teaching Tips and see ways to get  even more […]

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