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So Long Flash, Welcome HTML5

Flash, you served us well, delivering Reading Challenges for the past several years, but it’s time to bring a new partner into the world of TCI Subscriptions.  Coming this summer, we’re welcoming HTML5. What does this mean for you?   1)    Full iPad compatibility for Student Subscriptions. Reading Challenges, text tools, and all other student features […]

Why Apple’s Announcement Is Good for Schools

Everyone’s talking about Apple’s recent announcement that they want to play in the textbook sandbox. Apple released three free pieces of software and launched iBooks 2 all with the end goal of having kids read content on an iPad or Apple device instead of from a print textbook. When I say everyone’s talking about it, […]

TCI and Technology: Endless Possibilities for Student Engagement

About 25 years ago, my friend Bob predicted the e-book reader. One day we were having a spirited discussion about the future of books. Bob, a sales representative for a high-tech company, posited that the printed book would someday be available in electronic form. Coming from the perspective of an editor who had always developed […]

The iPad as a Teaching Slate

Many teachers and schools are snapping up iPads, especially since the iPad2 has dropped the price of the 1st gen. How could you use the iPad in class as a teaching tool? Alive in Five shares a nifty app called Splashtop ($4.99) from the iTunes store that allows you to use your iPad as a […]

App Previews for Webinar on 2/23

Do you use or are curious about education apps for your smart devices such as iPads or Android-enabled phones?  Join Brian Thomas (@Brian_ThomasTCI) and Ryan Canton (@TheSwish) for a TCI webinar on February 23, 2011 from 6:30 – 7:30 eastern.  Participants will get an overview of eight to ten apps, how they can be leveraged […]

More Great Social Studies Apps

Here is a quick guide to six more killer apps in the iTunes store that you can use with TCI lessons.  Noted under the icon is overview, idea of use, and price (if any).  This is not an exhaustive list or ranking.  We’d like tohear of other apps you’ve found to be helpful in Bringing Learning […]

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