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Back to School w/ @TeachTCI: Interactive Student Notebook Webinar

As you are getting back in the swing of things; add the ability to use the Interactive Student Notebook with your TCI program.  Watch this 30-minute webinar and see why ISNs are all the rage! Then, see the FREE lesson that we have and select METHODS BOOK pages that can take you deeper.

TCI Free Lesson: The Interactive Student Notebook

The most popular free lesson on our site five years running has been our lesson on getting started with the ISN.  We’ve updated and redesigned the lesson with a presentation and directions for print AND digital ISN’s.   Everything you need to conduct this lesson from start to finish is in this slide show.  Feel […]

The Interactive Student Notebook

The interactive student notebook (ISN) has been around since the 1970s.  Like all great ideas, it is timeless.  Since ISNs are the heart of how students respond to TCI lessons, we have lots of tools that we use to teach how to create great notebooks in digital or print.  These tools may be webinars, a free lesson […]

The ISN: Consumables vs. 3Rings/Spirals/Composition Books

Dawn Smith and I had a chance to talk about what type of notebooks we like as teachers.  Hear 0ur coffee talk on whether consumables or having students create their own interactive student notebooks (ISN) is the better way to go.  The best part is, there is no one answer.  TCI gives you the tools […]

Interactive Timeline of Student Notebooks

I made the following interactive timeline for those attending the webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 7th (3:30 – 4:30 PST) on Getting Started with the ISN.  This interactive timeline was super-easy to make using the website, http://timetoast.com.  The site is free and allows you/students to create interactive timelines that can be viewed as linear or as […]

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