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Quilts to Freedom

The plight to escape the terror of slavery is a part of our nation’s history that should be studied.  Teachers can find many resources and stories to provide students rich experiences.  You’ll see one such story below that incorporates freedom quilts.  Click to learn what some would describe as a Quilt to Freedom.  As you can […]

Black History Month: Literature Connections

February is Black History Month!  This month I am going to do a weekly blog on books that you can read to your students that will help you honor and recognize the achievement of African-Americans.    I love using picture books to teach content.  Short, sweet and powerful for all ages!  Yes, even seniors in high […]

Literature Helps to Teach Economic Concepts

Scarcity?  Opportunity Cost?  Goods and Services?  Natural and capital resources?  Teaching financial literacy to elementary students is a “Where do I begin?” situation.  It’s a vocabulary nightmare, but I found a way to make it less painful for me and the students.  I use literature to help me discuss these terms – the students love […]

Patriots in Petticoats

Welcome to March. I love March. March is the cushion between winter and spring! The days are refreshingly longer! And, it’s Women’s History Month! Time to recognize the contribution of women in history! No more “History” kids, it’s time for HERstory! I suggest using literature to enhance your efforts at bringing “Herstory Alive” this month. […]

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