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TCI Lesson: Ideas That Unite Us as Americans

This lesson is a fusion of skill development, technology, and good old fashioned American democracy! Inspired from the greatest treasures of American speeches, symbols, and songs, this lesson challenges students to pretend to be archivists sorting primary sources for an upcoming public display on the topic, “Ideas that Unite Us as Americans.”  Try this free […]

Primary Source Tips: 4 Things to Do Every Time

Using primary sources with students these days is so much easier thanks to great sites like http://www.digitalvaults.org/ by the National Archives.  Like any other tool though, primary sources must be strategically used.  Here are four tips to keep in mind every time you get ready to use primary sources with students. Choose Wisely– Always think […]

DigitalVaults by National Archives

Dive into some great visuals of primary sources with your students with this great web tool by the National Archives!  Click HERE and take your students on a visual journey to some of our nation’s most important moments.  There are so many opportunities to use a site like this alongside your TCI subscription.  How could […]

Daily Primary Source Gems

The National Archives (@TodaysDocument on Twitter) has a great tool that I’ve become a big fan of. The tool is called Today’s Doc. You can visit the website here or get the app for your Apple or Android device here. Each day, you can view a great primary source document tied to our history. Sometimes they […]

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