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Historic Heroines: Classroom Resources for Women’s History Month

      March marks “Women’s History Month,” a time in which we honor the achievements and efforts of women across the globe.   This month provides a perfect opportunity to create social studies and history lessons that highlight significant female figures. While there is an endless list of women to recognize, here are some […]

TCI Lesson: Ideas That Unite Us as Americans

This lesson is a fusion of skill development, technology, and good old fashioned American democracy! Inspired from the greatest treasures of American speeches, symbols, and songs, this lesson challenges students to pretend to be archivists sorting primary sources for an upcoming public display on the topic, “Ideas that Unite Us as Americans.”  Try this free […]

TCI Lesson for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing this free lesson that challenges students to uncover the identity of some famous women throughout U.S. history. Students work in small groups identifying individuals and analyzing their impact on Americans. This lesson is also a great way to bring primary sources into class.   Women's History Lesson […]

Friday Funnies: Nature’s Primary Source

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and recorded webinars here and here on primary sources all this month!

Primary Source Slideshare for 11.7.2012 Webinar

This is the slideshow that I used to go along with our webinar on 11.7.2012  working with primary sources.   Primary sources 10 ideas 3 sources from Brian Thomas

Primary Source Tips: 4 Things to Do Every Time

Using primary sources with students these days is so much easier thanks to great sites like http://www.digitalvaults.org/ by the National Archives.  Like any other tool though, primary sources must be strategically used.  Here are four tips to keep in mind every time you get ready to use primary sources with students. Choose Wisely– Always think […]

Bringing Primary and Secondary Sources Alive for your Students

If you are a social studies teacher than you work with an array of historical documents throughout your curriculum.  The challenge is getting your students to first critically analyze these primary and secondary sources, then gather and apply the evidence to support their opinion or conclusions.  Well, TCI to the rescue!  We’ve hosted two webinars […]

Friday Funnies: Primary Source Tyrant

Having students use and find primary sources is a great exercise. See http://bit.ly/GGA4TB to get some practical tips on using them in class.

Amazing Teacher Resource: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog

When looking back on history, I am often overwhelmed by the countless people and lives that have completely disappeared into time. Who were these people? They were most assuredly just as real as we are. They had loves, and hates, and passions just like ours. But where are they now? Through studying history, it is […]

Introducing Document-based Questions in Class

Michelle Bouchillon is a teacher in Conroe ISD (Texas). Step into her Pre-AP World Geography classroom to see how she introduces the concept of DBQs to her students. Michelle understands the importance of vertical alignment among Pre-AP and AP classes. She feels it is her responsibility to help prepare her students for the DBQs they’ll […]

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