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The Best of TCI Friday Funnies

  Here is a selection of the best Friday Funnies of the his past year.  We hope that you enjoy them and continue to follow TCI on our blog, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! The Best of TCI’s Friday Funnies by Brian_ThomasTCI | Make your own at www.toondoo.com

Friday Funnies: Snow Day is No Holiday

To be clear…I’ve never met 3 kids like Felix, Josh, and Paul. Perhaps though, they just might be so excited to be in a class using TCI materials that they can’t stand the thought of missing out just one day. We can dream. Till then, try us out for free for 30-days HERE!

Top 10 Icebreakers & Team Builders

At TCI we are big proponents of warming up the class with icebreakers and team builders. Learn how to run our ten favorites with this great video.  This is a great companion with our “Starting the School Year Right” lesson series.  

Today’s Toon: Can Siri help Cheat?

Interactive Timeline of Student Notebooks

I made the following interactive timeline for those attending the webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 7th (3:30 – 4:30 PST) on Getting Started with the ISN.  This interactive timeline was super-easy to make using the website, http://timetoast.com.  The site is free and allows you/students to create interactive timelines that can be viewed as linear or as […]

Alive in Five: Summer-ize Your Students

Where have all the field trips gone?

Some of the best memories I have from school never occured in the classroom at all.  They happened at the Trenton city library, the firehouse, a trip to Fischer-Body in Hamilton, Ohio to see Smokey and the Bandit cars put together.  <Okay, I just seriously dated myself there.>  As a youngster and even teenager, my […]

Back to School Night Best Practices

This is the first in a two-part article about back to school night. I’m presenting a teacher’s perspective and Traci will respond with a parent’s perspective. We hope you get some good ideas and share your own best practices. As students are returning to school this week and next, many parents are gearing up to […]

Easing Those Back to School Woes

As a teacher I know all about the various learning styles, multiple intelligences, etc.  As a parent, I am having to do my research to determine which parenting style best suits me and my family…and I think I am different depending on the season! Depending on your location in the country, you may or may not […]

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