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Creating Passionate Debates and Fervent Dialogues

In our TCI webinar on this topic, we discovered that engaging students in debate or whole-class discussions involves a few steps and some rich resources. Here are the guidelines we shared: 1. Challenge students to discuss controversial and complex issues in small groups. 2. Create heterogeneous groups and a suitable classroom arrangement. 3. Prepare students […]

How Do You Encourage Financial Fitness in Secondary Students?

As is the case with most all subjects, education regarding financial literacy certainly does and should begin in the home.  As parents we set examples for our children as they grow with every financial decision they witness.  Everything from purchases on the credit card, decisions to save or “pay yourself first” and whether or not […]

A Coffee Talk on Learning Styles

Dawn Smith and I had an opportunity to sit down and talk about learning styles as it relates to getting the most out of your classroom.  Watch this video and then look at our post on MI Tests and our free lesson on learning styles.

Why MI?

Not a typo…I didn’t mean to say “why me.” I meant what I said.  Why MI?  Multiple Intelligence; test that is.  Dr. Gardner’s theory surrounding multiple intelligences has been around since the early 80’s.  For years, TCI has developed programs that engage multiple intelligences in the same lesson.  The cornerstone of our pedagogy is founded […]

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