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Historic Heroines: Classroom Resources for Women’s History Month

      March marks “Women’s History Month,” a time in which we honor the achievements and efforts of women across the globe.   This month provides a perfect opportunity to create social studies and history lessons that highlight significant female figures. While there is an endless list of women to recognize, here are some […]

Dreams Progress: MLK Day Lesson

In this free lesson from TCI, students watch/listen to Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and answer questions. In a Social Studies Skill Builder, students are assigned an excerpt from the speech. Pairs work together to find an image to showcase that depicts progress (or lack of) towards that dream. Pairs then travel to see […]

Constitution Day Lesson

Constitution Day Lesson September 17th is Constitution Day. Celebrate the day with your upper elementary students by analyzing the preamble through song, a word cloud, and discussion. Students even write a letter to the editor using a newspaper clip tool via the web. This lesson was written by Brian Thomas and uses proven hands-on strategies […]

TCI Lesson: Picking Rusty Gold – Why People Buy Antiques

Are you a fan of the popular “American Pickers” show on History Channel?  Do you also want students to have a historical appreciation for vintage items?  Maybe you just want students to understand supply and demand.  Whatever your reason, this lesson challenges students to pick for “rusty gold” or be an Iowa farmer trying to […]

Common Core & TCI: A Toolkit to Reading Readiness

College and career readiness plays a prominent role in the Common Core standards.  Examine the ELA Anchor Standards Grades 6-12  (p. 57 of pdf).  How can the content areas, such as social studies, support these ten anchor standards?  What resources can teachers put together to concentrate on the reading skills needed to uncover the rich […]

3 Killer Features of TCI

This video with embedded pictures and links was made with Mozilla’s free Popcorn Maker.  This great website allows users to create videos that are immersible with live links and feeds when the video is paused.  You could even embed a live Google map!  It’s fun to create these and can only imagine how your students would […]

Creating Passionate Debates and Fervent Dialogues

In our TCI webinar on this topic, we discovered that engaging students in debate or whole-class discussions involves a few steps and some rich resources. Here are the guidelines we shared: 1. Challenge students to discuss controversial and complex issues in small groups. 2. Create heterogeneous groups and a suitable classroom arrangement. 3. Prepare students […]

Friday Funnies: Who Invited the Nerd!?

Have you ever felt like your instincts as a social studies teacher were viewed as weird by the public at-large?  It’s okay….you are not alone!  At TCI, everything we do is by teachers for teachers!  

Common Core, Social Studies, & You

Is your district planning and prepping for how you will integrate your social studies programs with the appropriate strands of the Common Core? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of districts across the country are currently doing the same thing.   If you are new to common core and how it relates to social […]

Happy Hunger Games! Three Content Connections for Social Studies

Good teachers take advantage of hot books/movies  to make connections with their students all the time. One of the white-hot movies out right now (based on a best-selling series) is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. While some might wonder how to incorporate a fantasy book set in a post-apocalyptic North America, I’ve got three […]

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