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The Interactive Student Notebook

The interactive student notebook (ISN) has been around since the 1970s.  Like all great ideas, it is timeless.  Since ISNs are the heart of how students respond to TCI lessons, we have lots of tools that we use to teach how to create great notebooks in digital or print.  These tools may be webinars, a free lesson […]

St. Patricks Day Lesson

Irish eyes are smiling, and so are we at TCI.  For a little holiday fun in advance of March 17th, I have written a lesson to help students learn about Ireland’s most famous name.  This skill builder lesson utilizes an emerging tech trend as well, QR codes.  Now, have no fear if you’re not familiar […]

Memorial Day Lesson

In honor of the soldiers who have so bravely sacrificed their lives  for our country, we are proud to share a lesson that focuses on a case study for their courage: Vietnam. In a moving opening to this lesson, students view placards as if they were at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC and read […]

Friday Funnies: Periodically Disturbing

How do most students stay up-to-date on current events? You guessed it…social media. While there are many good things about social media, like any other tool…it has it’s place. If used to search out reliable sources…great. If it is THE source…uh oh.

Friday Funnies: Snow Day is No Holiday

To be clear…I’ve never met 3 kids like Felix, Josh, and Paul. Perhaps though, they just might be so excited to be in a class using TCI materials that they can’t stand the thought of missing out just one day. We can dream. Till then, try us out for free for 30-days HERE!

Friday Funnies: Primary Source Tyrant

Having students use and find primary sources is a great exercise. See http://bit.ly/GGA4TB to get some practical tips on using them in class.

The Great Homework Debate

Pardon my split personality disorder in this post as you may hear my social studies consultant voice and my parenting voice as well. Not that the responses or comments should differ, however…   I was a bit bothered recently as I checked over my daughter’s homework assignments for correctness and questioned her for understanding (the […]

Election 2012: Campaign Activities

Election day is rapidly approaching.  Nominating conventions are complete.  Now it’s up to the voters to decide whether President Obama should be reelected or be replaced by Governor Romney.   TCI has created two campaign issue activities you can do with your students.  One activity is built around the words/statements of the campaigns.  The other […]

Student Subscription Scavenger Hunts

The idea of creating a scavenger hunt that students can use to familiarize themselves with their Student Subscriptions was suggested at a recent back-to-school webinar. We thought it was a super idea. We created an elementary, middle, and high school version that you can use as is or modify to your heart’s content. Elementary Scavenger […]

Pairing Students Made Easy

A common challenge shared among teachers at all levels: “I want my students to pair up in class, but it eats into my instructional time, and sometimes, my students don’t make good choices for a partner. Is there a better way?” The answer is a resounding yes! Many teachers familiar with TCI materials use the […]

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