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Student Perspectives on the Interactive Student Notebook

Becky Suthers is a TCI Trainer and fifth-grade teacher in a small town in Texas. She has three students in her class: Bo, Shy and Cierra. Here she shares what they think about the Interactive Student Notebook.  Seems like this month is all about the Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) and there are many great ideas on […]

PureGenius Contest: What is Your Great Notebook Idea?

Teachers love to talk about the Interactive Student Notebook. In my experience, nothing generates more conversation than the simple question, “How do you grade the notebook?” So we thought that having a PureGenius contest on the Interactive Student Notebook would be a perfect way to kick off 2011. Teachers can enter their ideas for a […]

TeacherGenuis Training: Creating a Cooperative, Tolerant Classroom

Ever wonder why group work doesn’t always work? Or why students are reticent to share ideas during class discussion?   Often we expect students to magically have the interpersonal skills necessary for higher-level cooperative learning activities. But part of our job is to teach, model, and reinforce these skills so that students with various learning styles can […]

TeacherGenius Video: Icebreakers and Team Builders

I’ll be the first to admit I hate icebreakers when I’m half asleep during an early morning summer staff development session. But I’ll also admit they usually wake me up and get me to interact with other teachers even though I’m not quite feeling up to snuff. So when I started using icebreakers and team […]

2010 TCI Leadership Conference: Focusing on Technology

On Sunday, 250 teachers and administrators will arrive here in northern California for TCI’s 2010 Leadership Conference. We affectionately refer to the conference as the “crown jewel” of our events. This year is no exception. Conference participants have more than 80 enrichment sessions to choose from that offer content ranging from introductory sessions for beginners to more […]

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