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The Interactive Student Notebook

The interactive student notebook (ISN) has been around since the 1970s.  Like all great ideas, it is timeless.  Since ISNs are the heart of how students respond to TCI lessons, we have lots of tools that we use to teach how to create great notebooks in digital or print.  These tools may be webinars, a free lesson […]

Research: The State of Technology Integration for K-12 Schools

Abstract While teachers currently have access to technology and some level of training, there is a gap in the meaningful application within the K-12 classroom. This suggests that the training lacked relevance or support as they implemented technology into their instruction. Studies suggest that an integration model that includes a Personal Learning Community (PLC) and […]

Poll: What is your favorite summer activity?

What is your favorite summer activity?

St. Patricks Day Lesson

Irish eyes are smiling, and so are we at TCI.  For a little holiday fun in advance of March 17th, I have written a lesson to help students learn about Ireland’s most famous name.  This skill builder lesson utilizes an emerging tech trend as well, QR codes.  Now, have no fear if you’re not familiar […]

No Off Switch

Friday Funnies: Primary Source Tyrant

Having students use and find primary sources is a great exercise. See http://bit.ly/GGA4TB to get some practical tips on using them in class.

Doing Democracy: Participating in Elections

The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  We know it by it’s official name and many nicknames too.  The networks all have a special, uber branded name for it with big graphics and music to boot their bumpers into segments.  Whatever the name we call it, elections in America is what gives new […]

Unconventional Professional Development: My First EdCamp Part 1

Usually, when I have attended a conference, I am a presenter.  It’s a rare delight to get the opportunity to be a participant rather than facilitator.  This coming Saturday (10/20) I will be going to my first EdCamp.  Many educators out there may be unfamiliar with these unconventional conventions. Watch this VIDEO on what the […]

Friday Funnies: Parts of Speech

There is no “off” switch for teachers. It’s in our blood to be curious, obtain knowledge, and pass it along.  That’s why it’s wonderful to work for a company of teachers, by teachers, and for teachers.

Buzz Word Bingo: Party Convention Edition

Get your students and their  family to join in as the Democrats and Republicans nominate their candidate for President of the United States! Print this sheet out and make a copy for each student to take home before each acceptance speech.  Use it as a civics assignment, homework, or just to get their geek on! […]

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