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Alive in Five: Review Games

As we turn the page on the calendar, TCI will be focusing on assessments this month on our Facebook pages, many of our tweets, and our webinars.  Alive in Five kicks off with a look at three review games you can play inside your class as you prepare your students for assessments.

Test Prep 101: The Early Years

The typical 10 year old doesn’t like to take tests. When announcing a test, I could hear a collective groan from my students. It shouldn’t be that way! No need to get nervous about a test … if they are prepared for the test. Tests show us what someone already understands and what they still […]

Custom Assessments with TCI Teacher Subscriptions

With a teacher subscription to TCI, teachers can build off the questions that we have created for each lesson.  Teachers have the power to narrow choices for students on an IEP, insert images for image analysis items, or even add passages from books for students to respond to.  This five minute video shows teachers the […]

Assessment Time is Coming

It sounds like something Paul Revere would say, but in this case it’s something a little closer to home teaching-wise: assessments are coming!  The end of the quarter is getting closer for schools who started at the beginning of August.  For others, it’s right around the corner.  In my classes that always meant anxiety…not just […]

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