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Stipple: Photo Webtool

Stipple, like many other similar sites, allows users to annotate their images and then share them.  In Stipple, users can embed links, maps, and even YouTube videos which help others understand more about the picture’s subject matter.  Here you can see an example of one of my favorite spots in the world…looking across the Ohio […]

APPetite for Instruction: Fall 2012

This was the PPT used on 9/26/2012 for our webinar on web and device apps you can use inside your class.  See an online magnifying glass used to highlight great photos on Fotopedia.  See a great discussion starter app for iOS, Android, and Fire devices called Show of Hands.  We also look at such apps […]

Web Tools Every Teacher Can Use

On Wednesday 11/2/2011, I used the following presentation to showcase QR Codes and Animoto to teachers. Please visit our webinars page to view this and all of our other webinars on demand or see a list of upcoming webinars.

Subscribe to Great Webtools

I am a huge fan of http://www.symbaloo.com/.  This website has allowed me to create a web interface of my favorite webtools similar to my iPad and Android phone.  Tiles that look like apps launch into my favorite web sites.  We’ve posted this in our TeacherGenius section.  I’ve updated the TCI Symbaloo to include some great […]

Web Writing Can Be Fun!

Here are three great websites to use when having your students conduct writing assignments in the content area. http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp  This website is so simple it’s insane.  Let’s say you are going to have your students create a fictional article that might appear in a newspaper.  Students would use the writing process to draft and edit the […]

Updated: Guide to Free Web 2.0 Tools

We have updated and included more sites in our popular Starters Guide to Free Web 2.0 tools.  You can download the document by clicking the download button.  Please print and share with teachers you know.  For more great ideas, tips, and sites like these, visit TeacherGenius .  Don’t miss out on a chance to share your […]

Web 2.0 at Exam Time

The end of the semester is upon us and many of your students are feverishly studying night after night for your exam.  They’ve been preparing for weeks now.  Really.  Over winter break, kids were taking time out of playing with new gadgets or forgoing time with friends all so they could prepare, well in advance, […]

Alive in Five: Todaysmeet.com

It seems there is no end to web tools out there.  Most are like dandelions, they appear, look pretty, but are really weeds when you get into them.  They can eat into instructional time and take away from what should be meaningful in your class.  However, there are many web tools that are like giant […]

TCI at the Mile High Conference

As thousands of social studies teachers congregate in Denver for the 90th annual National Council for the Social Studies conference, TCI plans to make it’s biggest splash yet with our sessions showing off our latest creations and technology.  The excitement starts on Thursday and concludes Sunday morning.  Here’s a run-down of what you can expect […]

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