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Top 4 Features For Creating Assessments with TCI

  • By Morris Thai
  • August 25th, 2015 3:52 pm


Good assessments are hard to come by. And even though the TCI staff offers multiple ready-to-use assessment options, sometimes it’s impossible to get the right questions unless you create them yourself.

Here are 4 things you should know if you’re going to create assessments with TCI online subscription.

1. Using TCI’s Questions

In each and every lesson, you’ll find a TCI-prepared summative assessment. These assessments are print-only and available in both English and Spanish. If you want to reuse these questions for your own assessment, you can find them through the TCI Question Bank on the Assessment Builder page.

Another very cool feature is the ability to add TCI-prepared questions from other lessons to your assessments. You can locate them by clicking on the drop-down on the upper right corner of TCI’s Question Bank.

2. Using Shared Questions

At TCI, we encourage teachers to share their creativity by making their custom assessment questions available to others. To use a question shared by another teacher, check out the Teacher Question Bank on the Assessment Builder page. In the Question Bank, the questions are listed along with additional information, such as the state the teacher originates from and the date it was submitted.

If you find a question that seems outdated or inappropriate, let us know by flagging it!

3. Creating Multiple Online Assessments

One new feature, released just this past spring, is the ability to create multiple online assessments. After doing so, you can assign different assessments to different classes to complete online. This is great if you would like to create multiple versions of assessments within the same lesson, or if you just want to have a larger test that covers multiple lessons.

4. Creating Open-Ended Drawing Questions

This summer, TCI made it possible to create drawing questions online. What this means is that students can answer online drawing questions through an interactive canvas–similar to what you could find on the Interactive Student Notebook.

It’s a great feature that we’re hoping will open up the possibilities that are out there to assess your students. Just remember to use page breaks to help format your drawing questions if you’re going to print the assessments.




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